Helium Inflation Station

We are happy to fill balloons you supply to us for you to arrange.  Prices are:

  • 11″/28cm latex: $2.50
  • 11″/28cm confetti supplied: $4.50
  • 18″/45cm latex: $7.50
  • 18″/45cm confetti: $9.50
  • 18″/45cm foil: $6
  • 34″/86cm foil numbers/letters: $12
  • 40″/100cm foil numbers/letters: $15

Additionally, latex balloons may be fill with hi float to increase their lifespan, starting from additional .70c

  • 11″/28cm: $0.50
  • 18″/45cm: $0.75

Assembly fee is $0.95/balloon.  Balloon bags are $0.75


All prices are per balloon.  Weights are available at an additional cost.  Balloons must be a minimum of 11″/28cm to be filled.  We will not fill numbers/letters smaller than 34″/86cm as they do not float well.

If you have more than just a few balloons, please phone us to book a time.

Please note: We are not responsible for failures in the balloons you have brought us.

As member of PEBA, we do not condone the release of helium balloons and encourage you to dispose of them properly.