Party Hire Priorities: 5 Things You Don’t Want To Forget

Planning a party for a big occasion requires a lot of attention to detail. Its this factor which sets an ordinary gathering apart from a really special celebration and creates a day – or night –  to remember for your guests.

It can be very time consuming to first plan everything out and then traipse around several different shops to find all the supplies that you need, and that’s exactly why working with a party hire company can reduce the stress involved and ensure that you throw an amazing event. Once you’ve sorted the milestones –  choosing the date, booking the venue, sending out the invitations, arranging the entertainment and the catering – then you’re onto the final details which can make or break the success of your party. Its these standout touches which will make it memorable and take your guest’s reactions from ‘so what?’ to ‘wow’. And whether you’re planning a children’s party, a bridal shower, a baby gender reveal bash, a hen do, a significant birthday, a milestone anniversary or a party based around a holiday like Valentine’s Day, the same principles apply.

You should never leave the finishing touches to chance. They need planning for and preparing in advance in order to lend that really special touch to proceedings. Big or small, these are the touch points which create an experience for your guests – and give them something to shout about on their social media feeds. So, where do you begin with these important touches? How do you make sure all the details on the day are perfect? And what can you do to add a personal theme to your celebrations?

Focus On The Seating

An often overlooked detail of any kind of party of event is getting the seating right. Its more than just a place for guest to perch – your seating plan can make or break an evening for someone. What you’re really doing with your choice of seats and tables is shaping the flow and energy of an event. In general, it’s a good idea to include a mix of more social seating options, arranged conversation style, and also space for activities. For example, if you want people to dance because you’ve lined up an incredible live band or a killer DJ act, then opt for less seating so there isn’t as much choice not to join in – but do include some seats in quieter areas so guests can also catch up with old friends, grab a drink or rest their dancing feet between seats.

Upholstered party seating can provide comfort or simple plastic chairs are ideal for informal buffets around long trestle tables. Who you seat where if you have a more formal seating plan is also incredibly important. Don’t just stick all the senior members of the family in the corner furthest from the dancefloor – try to mix up ages and generations. Aim to seat people with a couple of others they know, and then guest they don’t, but that you know they will get on with or have something in common with – that’s a great way to ensure everyone has a good time.

Remember The Decorative Touches

A party isn’t really a party without the unique decorative touches that make it feel like something is happening. Consider a beautiful balloon arch to give a sense of place or highlight a feature like a stunning cake. You can also use beautiful foiled helium balloons to spell out a name or a message that sums up the party. For an extra special touch, decorate your venue with candles in stunning lanterns or clustered round the centrepieces on the table to add a little magic.

Make It Personal

Personalisation is a surefire way to make an event special and memorable – from things like guest books that attendees can write their well wishes in to a personalised sash for a bride or a mum-to-be to wear, these touches are all about creating a beautiful moment and making someone you love feel special – what could be nicer than that?

Add The Wow Factor

So you have great food, brilliant tunes, flowing drinks and a beautifully decorated venue. Take it to the next level by adding something unexpected to create a real wow factor. It could be using holi powders for a very colourful photo opportunity that guests will love, or adding a trail of personalised helium balloons into the venue – or even a dressing the table with beautiful bouquets and vintage birdcages. The sky is the limit when you use your imagination.

Finish Off With Something Interactive

A final hint to make your event go with a bang – adding an interactive element can be really fun. This could entail setting up a photobooth area with lots of silly props. You may want to add a pinata for some special fun and a few treats – adults love these as well as kids. Or if you’re having a baby shower, how about giving your guests something to remember with a gender reveal cannon?

Planned with love, the special details are what will make your event stand out and create so many happy memories – so don’t hold back!