• Hire stock may be paid for either in full or by deposit.
    • Stock can be paid for in full through the website.
    • To pay by deposit, 20% deposit must be made, with the balance being paid no later than one week prior to pickup or delivery.
  • A bond is requirement with all order, this is refunded once stock has been reentered back into stock.
  • Prices are per day.
  • Stock being returned late, dirty or broken will incur fees.
  • Pickup – unless organised prior, pickup from store is on Saturday from 9-12pm.
  • Delivery, unless organised prior, is on Friday.
  • Returning of stock is on Monday morning by 10am.

When do I need to order a helium tank by?

Helium tanks need to be ordered by the Wednesday prior to your event so we can ensure the stock is available.

Do you have helium packages available?

Yes, we offer helium packages.  They include the tank, balloons, and ribbons, and are available in three size.  Your balloons may be either standard or metallic/pearl.

Is it okay for me to suck helium from balloons or a tank?

NO. Under no circumstances do we encourage you to inhale helium from a balloon or tank filled with it.  The helium itself won’t harm you, but the air from these balloons or tanks is low in oxygen, and inhaling this air can have various side effects.  These include asphyxiation, and rarely brain damage or death.  Inhaling from a tank carries the additional danger of rupturing the airways.

Can I release my balloons?

No.  It is illegal to release balloons on the Sunshine Coast.

Will you inflate balloons I bought from somewhere else?

Yes, we will inflate balloons that aren’t ours.  Please be aware however that as the balloons aren’t ours, we can make no guarantees to their quality, and inflation must be paid for regardless of breakage.

How do I take care of my balloons?

  • Latex balloons without treatment will only last approx 10 – 12 hours.
  • Balloons must not be put in, or left in, a hot car as helium expands with heat.
  • When discarding balloons, please “Pin it and bin it”.

What are your delivery fees?

Delivery and pickup are both charged at $3/km each way.  The distance is calculated through either Google Maps or Queensland Maps.  If stock requires a two person delivery or delivery above ground level, additional fees will be incurred.

Where do you deliver to?

We deliver to all areas of the Sunshine Coast and the Hinterland.  Below is a total list of all suburbs we service.

Caloundra Area

Maroochydore Area

What do I need to think about when planning my event?

Please see our Planning Your Event page.