Planning a 21st? Here’s a List of Party Supplies You’ll Need

So, the time is almost here, the big 21. You’re all excited. The future is bright. You want to mark the occasion in style, and why not. Reaching 21 is a big deal for both the birthday girl or boy and the parents. So, whether you’re planning a party for yourself, or for your ‘no-longer’ child, we have come up with a list of party essentials you simply cannot do without.

First the venue

The choice of venue is the first big concern, perhaps you are thinking of hiring a hall with decent outside space. Or maybe you are thinking of having it at home if you are brave enough with all those first-time drinkers about. Think about what you want, the theme, a bar, dance floor, etc. Match the venue to your personality, and you can’t go wrong. Once you’ve worked out where it will be held, and the theme, then you can start catering to your needs.


No backyard party would be complete without a marquee. It creates a central point where all the food and seating activities can take place. They are a must-have addition to any outside party. At Nambour party hire, we offer many to choose from. There is also the option of purchasing a backyard party package with the marquee, chairs, and tables, etc. all included in the deal.

Food and drink

Decide if you are going to cater yourself, or hire someone in. Ensure you understand everyone’s dietary requirements, and go from there.

Seating and tables

Everyone will want somewhere to sit, so ensure that you know exactly how many people are going to be attending and hire some tables and chairs, with the appropriate linen to cover both the chairs and tables. For chairs, there are options of stackable outdoor chairs, and bar stool, or even for the posher among you, stainless steel dry bar stools. If you are going to be having a bar, a few of these dotted about make an excellent addition. There is a choice of rectangular or circular tables, perfect for placing under the marquee. The sizes increase up to allowing ten people to sit comfortably around one table. Also consider hiring from our selection of crockery, cutlery, and glassware. You are going to need a variety of wine glass and beer glasses, and it may be an idea to get a plastic drink tub. If you are concerned about breaking things, there is always the option of our disposable catering range.


If you are a little concerned that the weather may not hold, we offer some outdoor heating. There is an option of hiring a brazier or an outdoor patio heater. AS the party will go on into the night, these make an excellent addition and allow the fun to continue to flow.

Okay so you have catered for the basics, now for the fun stuff:


No party can exist without balloons, and there is so much you can have. How about starting with a balloon arch for everyone to walk through, and balloon pillars on either side. A beautiful balloon bouquet would not look wrong at a 21st birthday party. You can choose from balloon centrepieces for each of the tables. It may be an idea to go for an individual foil balloon, a big 21, on one.


Why not hire a helium inflation station, and offer ordinary balloons for guests to fill up too?

Special effects

At Nambour party hire we have a whole range of party supplies to choose from. How about a bubble machine, or a smoke machine, and a disco mirror ball. Also, if you can handle it a PA speaker and microphone for those tipsy karaoke sessions. And don’t forget the lighting. Dome lighting always looks great, along with some laser lighting. For the more decorative, we have fairy light and icicle lighting too. You may want some rope lighting to fix to the bar too.


Get in touch if you want one of these. They are always popular, and we make them to order. So, let us know what you would like.


These add value to any party. They are colourful and give that celebration atmosphere. So, choose from our crepe or metallic range.

Personalised items

You may want to add a few personal touches. This can be done on a birthday banner, on balloons, and on a birthday sash. Let us know what you would like.


Last but by no means least is the music. It may be an idea to hire a DJ and ensure that they play all the birthday boy or girls favourite tunes are played.